C&T Round Up for April 2022!

Issue 173 | April 29, 2022
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Capsid and Tail

This week, we highlight the features we published in April! Catch up on what happened at the last Phage Futures Europe, and learn how to organize your phage biobank data!

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This year is the 130th anniversary of the birth year of George Eliava, who founded the Eliava Research Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia.

PHAGE Journal will celebrate this event with a focused issue of phage therapy then and now!

If you would like to include your phage therapy work in this June Issue, please submit ASAP to be considered!

What’s New

Paper: Two defense systems eliminate plasmids from seventh pandemic Vibrio cholerae

PlasmidomesResearch paper

Blog: Antibiotic-resistant acne could be treated by phage therapy

BlogPhage Therapy

Pre-print: MetaPhage: an automated pipeline for analyzing, annotating, and classifying bacteriophages in metagenomics sequencing data

MetagenomicsPreprintViral sequences

Paper: Modelling of filamentous phage-induced antibiotic tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Phage biologyPhage-antibiotic interactionsResearch paper

Paper: The chronic wound phageome: phage diversity and associations with wounds and healing outcomes

Phage TherapyPhageomeResearch paper

Latest Jobs

Join BioNTech as Director, Discovery to lead the development of the early endolysin pipeline! In this position you can advance your career of leadership in science, push the boundaries of synthetic biology and work on the next frontier of antimicrobial therapy.
Phage microbiologyScientistSponsor
Scientist, Phage Microbiology: Janssen Research & Development, LLC, a member of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies is recruiting for a Scientist, Phage Microbiology, Infectious Disease, to work in Spring House, PA. Please email your resume to [email protected]
Phage TherapyPhage evolutionResearch Scientist
Research Scientist to join the phage therapy working group at the Institute for Modeling Collaboration and Innovation (IMCI) at the University of Idaho, to advance phage therapy using evolution.
Post DocSEA-PHAGESUndergraduate curricula
Postdoctoral Fellow to carry out research and engagement activities surounding course-based undergraduate research experiences (e.g. SEA-PHAGES).
Phage biologyResearch Assistant
Research Assistant to join the Catalano lab to explore the capsid of phage lambda as a theranostic nanoparticle platform.
Phage-host interactionsPost Doc
Postdoctoral Fellow to join the Novo Nordisk Foundation to study the interplay between a virus and its host, namely phages and bacteria.
EvolutionPhage TherapyResearch Scientist
Research scientist at University of Idaho: The person will join the Phage Therapy Working Group with its goal of advancing the principles of phage therapy using evolution. This position will play a central role in driving the team’s research by combining lab work (microbiology and DNA sequencing) with bioinformatics and quantitative analysis (genome assembly, mutation analysis, statistical inference).

Community Board

Anyone can post a message to the phage community — and it could be anything from collaboration requests, post-doc searches, sequencing help — just ask!

iVoM Season 2, episode #7: Personalised phage therapy

Date: 3 pm CET, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 *Note: 9am Eastern Daylight Time

Register at https://ivom.phage.directory

Therapeutic phage monitoring in children

  • Dr. Ameneh Khatami, University of Sydney, Australia

Quality Control of Phage APIs for human therapeutic use

  • Dr. Pieter-Jan Ceyssens, Sciensano, Belgium

…and meanwhile in the Israeli Phage Therapy Center (IPTC)

  • Prof. Ronen Hazan, Institute of Biomedical and Oral Research (IBOR), Israel


  • Dr. Matthias Fischer , Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Prof. Corina Brussaard , Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands
Viruses of MicrobesISVMiVoMVirtual Event

Phage Canada is hosting our 2022 (Virtual) Symposia, August 17-20th. Over three half-days, we will feature (I) Undergraduate Education & Research, (II) Graduate & Post Graduate Research, and (III) Career Opportunities in Phage Research. The emphasis is on showcasing the fantastic research being done by trainees in Canada.

Attendance is open to everyone, and is free - although capacity limits may require prioritizing those with Canadian research affiliations.

For more information, check out our website: https://event.fourwaves.com/phage2022

Phage CanadaSymposiumVirtual Event

This registration is for the virtual portion of the 2022 Viromics Workshop held at OSU, May 11-13. On the first day (May 11), there will be a mini-symposium, consisting of four talks from our teaching staff. These will be broadcasted live via zoom. It is for this session only that this registration form is for. Closer to the date, we will send the zoom invite.

HybridSymposiumVirtual Event

The Ibadan Bacteriophage Research Team (IBRT) is setting up a Twitter space event to discuss Undergraduate Phage Research in Africa via the team’s Twitter handle.

Topic: Undergraduate Phage Research in Africa: Success stories and Challenges

Date: 06 May, 2022

Time: 6pm Nigerian time (5pm GMT)

Venue: Twitter Space @IbadanPhageTeam

Phage TwitterVirtual Event

UltraRare Bio on Twitter: “Our latest podcast episode is live! Learn about how a decentralized network of researchers and doctors find cures for drug-resistant infections w/ @phagedirectory founders @JessicaSacher and @yawnxyz”

Phage DirectoryPhage TherapyPodcast

C&T Round Up for April 2022!

Profile Image
Phage microbiologist and co-founder of Phage Directory

Phage characterization, Phage-host interactions, Phage Therapy, Molecular Biology, Phage manufacturing

I’m a co-founder of Phage Directory and have a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Alberta (I studied Campylobacter phage biology). For Phage Directory, I help physicians find phages for their patients, and I’m always trying to find new ways to help the phage field grow (especially through connecting people and highlighting awesome stuff I see happening in the field).

I spent 2022-2024 as a postdoc in Jon Iredell’s group at Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Sydney, Australia, helping get Phage Australia off the ground. I helped set up workflows for phage sourcing, biobanking, diagnostics, production, purification and QC of therapeutic phage batches, and helped build data collection systems to track everything we did. We treated more than a dozen patients in our first year, and I’m so proud of that!

In 2024, I’ll be starting a new (phage-y) chapter back in North America… stay tuned!

In this month’s Capsid & Tail Monthly Round Up issue, we’re highlighting the two feature articles we published in April. Be sure to check them out if you missed them, and let us know if you have thoughts, comments or questions! Reach us anytime by email or Slack!

C&T Throwback!

There’s lots of great phage stuff in the C&T archive! Check out this article on How coevolutionary phage training improves phage efficacy by Joshua Borin!

Thanks so much to Atif Khan and Stephanie Lynch for collecting and summarizing links to share for this week!

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