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PhD project
The AIM Doctoral Training program (Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham) has a range of openings for PhD students open for application.
PostdocBasic ResearchCoevolution
Justin Meyer (UC San Diego) is hiring 2 postdocs to work on subjects at the intersection of basic research on phage-bacterial coevolution and phage therapy.
University of California, Irvine, Irvine, USA, is hiring an Associate/ Full Professor of Virology in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Tenure-Track) to specialize in the study of phage-related host-virus interactions, viral pathogenesis, and the development of antiviral therapies and vaccines.
PostdocBasic ResearchCoevolution
The Le Roux lab in Montréal, Canada is hiring a phage postdoc to unravel the fundamental principles of phage-bacteria coevolution in natural populations, focusing on marine bacteria within the Vibrionaceae family.
Cyclic Nucleotide SignallingPhage Defence
Tim Blower (Durham University) and Jay Hinton (University of Liverpool) have an opening for a PhD student funded by BBSRC NLD Doctoral Training Partnership to study cyclic nucleotide signalling and BREX phage defence.
PostdocMicrobial GenomicsResearch Paper
The Le Roux lab at the Université de Montréal is hiring a postdoc in Microbial Genomics to investigate Vibrio phage-bacteria coevolution and phage satellites.
Vetophage (Lyon, France) is hiring a director of development to help commercialize its first diagnostic phage products.
PhD projectMicrobiome
Martin Polz has 2 PhD positions open in highly interdisciplinary projects to work on microbial growth in the environment using novel technologies and on the influence of phage in structuring microbiomes. Please email: [email protected]
Principal investigatorPhage therapy
Medea Biopharma GmbH, a German phage therapy company, is hiring a principal investigator to run their BSL2 microbiology lab.
UK Health Security Agency, Salisbury, UK is hiring a microbiologist technician to join the AD3 (Antimicrobial Discovery, Development and Diagnostics) Team, which is at the forefront of developing new interventions for antimicrobial resistance. Phage expertise desirable.
PhD projectPhage defense
Ana Cristina Afonso Oliveira (CEB at University of Minho, Braga, Portugal) is seeking a PhD student to study phages to overcome ETEC’s phage defence systems.
Research associate
Kim Seed (UC Berkeley) is hiring a staff research associate, an ideal opportunity for folks looking to gain research experience before grad school/professional school.
New phage lab
Yolanda (Yue) Huang, is starting a new lab at University at Buffalo to combine high-throughput functional genomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and microbiology to rapidly connect genes to phenotypes for characterizations at the molecular level, and to study how phages influence bacterial functions and composition dynamics.
Phage in aquaculturePhD project
Posted a month ago
The Hendrickson laboratory at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) is excited to offer a PhD scholarship opportunity (supervised by Heather Hendrickson and co-supervised by Craig Billington) in Bacteriophage discovery to address critical challenges Chinook Salmon aquaculture in New Zealand.
ResearcherPhage cocktail developmentPhage in agriculture
Posted a month ago
Dr Mojgan Rabjey (Warwick University, Coventry, United Kingdom) is hiring a Phage Researcher to develop effective phage cocktails for precise crop protection measures.
PostdocPhage-host interactions
Posted a month ago
Claudia Igler (University of Manchester) is hiring a postdoc to combine microbiology and biophysics to advance mechanistic understanding of the functional diversity in phage lysis systems and the impact of changes in bacterial cell state and extracellular conditions on killing efficacy.
Phage engineeringPhD project
Posted a month ago
Dr Tobias Bergmiller (Exeter University, UK) is hiring a Phage Researcher to harness the power of synthetic biology to engineer novel lytic phages.
Posted 22 days ago
Principal Investigator at Mede in Öudwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

  • Head of BSL2 Laboratory
  • Personnel responsibilities
  • Project management in veterinary drug discovery
  • regulatory compliance
  • Coordination with project partners
  • Bacteriological work, culture banking
  • Bacteriophage discovery, phage banking

Your profile

  • PhD in Microbiology, Molecular Biology
  • Experience with lab automation
  • knowledge in German and English
  • Knowledge in bacteriophage work is a plus
  • Working experience in the pharma environment is a plus
  • <
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