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Armata Pharmaceuticals, a phage therapy biotech company in Los Angeles, is hiring for several positions.
Heather Allison (University of Liverpool) and Chloe James (University of Salford) are hiring two postdocs, one at Liverpool and one at Salford, for a joint project entitled “Prophage host interactions: pulling back the curtains on Pseudomonas puppet masters”.
APC Microbiome Ireland is hiring two Research Assistants to work within its Gut Phageomics Laboratory.
FixedPhage (Glasgow, Scotland) is hiring a Technical Manager, who will be responsible for building and maintaining the company’s production facilities.
My client, a US-based CRO, wants to hire a Scientist with phage experience to assist in their phage and other contract research programs. The successful candidate will provide lab-bench and technical support to the company’s contract research programs, especially taking a lead with phage-based programs. Contact Ben Burrowes at [email protected] for details.
The Bikard Lab (Institut Pasteur, Paris) is hiring a postdoc to study the properties of Cas proteins in bacteria, their interaction with DNA repair pathways, and the mechanism and evolution of CRISPR-Cas systems as phage defense systems
The Weitz group at Georgia Tech is hiring a Scientific Project Coordinator and Data Communication Specialist to help their group advance, communicate, and share discoveries of how viruses transform human health and the fate of our planet. Apply by 6/22.
The Faculty of Biology and Medicine and the Lausanne University Hospital (Lausanne, Switzerland) are hiring a senior lecturer in the field of phage therapy / bacteriophages.
A Madison, Wisconsin company is hiring a scientist (culture development) for research into lactic acid bacteria in food fermentation. An understanding of phage management is essential.
A postdoc position (funded by ERC Research) on virus-virus interactions and experimental evolution is available in the Sanjuan Lab at the University of Valencia, Spain. Contact [email protected].
A PhD position on modulation of virion stability is available at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences) in Warsaw, Poland.
A bioinformatician/data steward position related to metagenomics and phage-host interactions is available at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.
Odyssey Systems is hiring multiple positions for a Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) contract related to phage therapy: a senior molecular phage biologist and a microbiology research technician level II and level IV.
Vulcan Biologics (Boston, MA) is developing novel in situ microbiome modulating technologies through the use of bacteriophages. They’re hiring a senior scientist (microbiology), who will be instrumental in establishing and executing the microbiology program, and a research associate (microbiology), who will play a key role in executing the microbiology program.
Stuart MacNeill at the University of St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland), is hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work on a molecular microbiology project related to understanding the unusual biology of phage T5.
Armata Pharmaceuticals, a Los Angeles-based phage therapy company, has several openings in R&D, process development, DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, project management, quality assurance and quality control.
The David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery at McMaster University has three faculty positions open in the areas of antimicrobial discovery and resistance.
The Biosciences and Biotechnology Division at Lawrence Livermore National Labs is hiring a Phage Biologist to work on phage isolation and characterization for phage therapy applications.
Two postdoc positions are available at APC Microbiome Ireland in Cork, Ireland, to work on projects related to the gut phageome.
Odyssey Systems is hiring a laboratory manager to work at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. This position requires 2 years experience with phage assays and pathogenic bacteria.
The Seed Lab in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley is looking to hire a staff research associate. The candidate will use genetic and biochemical approaches to evaluate how phages evolve to modulate the excision and integration of mobile genetic elements in Vibrio cholerae.
Patrick Secor (University of Montana) is hiring a Research Assistant III interested in how phages affect Lyme disease pathogenesis.
Odyssey Systems Consulting Group is looking to hire a Senior Microbiologist/Phage Biologist to work on bacteriophages and microbial pathogens of military relevance at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. US citizenship required.
Nature Microbiology is hiring a locum associate or senior editor (for 6 months). Apply by April 7.
Karen Weynberg (University of Queensland) is hiring a PhD student for a project that aims to further the use of phage therapy by establishing an innovative synthetic biology platform to engineer phage therpay candidates within a biofoundry.
Bas Dutilh (Utrecht University) is looking for a Bioinformatician/Data Steward: use metagenomics to help answer questions related to the microbiome, such as predicting bacteriophage-host interactions.
Do you want to contribute to identifying and understanding viruses? Apply now for a PhD position in Viral Metagenomics for One Health in Bas Dutilh’s group at Utrecht University.
There are open positions at NCATS (National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, within the NIH) for a postdoc and research scientist working on phage panning and antibody discovery. Send a direct message to Matt Hall (@cispt2) on Twitter for more info.
Ignacio Mir-Sanchis at the IMS-Lab at Umeå University in Sweden offers a PhD position to study gene expression and DNA replication of staphylococcal mobile genetic elements (including phages) using a multidisciplinary approach: genetics and molecular biology, biochemistry, cryoEM, X-ray, etc.
My client, a Northeast US-based CRO, wants to hire a Microbiologist with phage experience for their phage and other contract research programs to provide lab-bench and technical support, especially taking a lead with phage-based programs.

Primary responsibility will be titration of phage in clinical trial specimens, validation and qualification studies. Full-time position with a diverse and productive team taking on research challenges from the biotech & pharmaceutical industries.

Desired candidate will have a good, working knowledge of phage biology. BS or MS in any relevant field, but experience with phage bench techniques such as titration and storage of phages is more important than degree level. Dependent on the candidate’s abilities, the role would include writing of protocols and SOPs. Experience with molecular biology and qPCR is also desirable.

Please contact [email protected] with your CV and cover letter.

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