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Phage Therapy

We can help you answer any questions about phage therapy, including:

  • help you understand if phage therapy will work for your situation
  • help you find a doctor who understands phage therapy
Phage Community Board

For phage researchers, we’ve added a section to accommodate community requests for phages, collaborations (e.g. Seeking room on a sequencer for 8 phage genomes), advice (e.g. Does anyone have tips on propagating Citrobacter phages?), potential supervisors (e.g. International student interested in pursuing a PhD in phage biology, seeking supervisor), etc.

  • Phages can be requested for any reason, whether for research, therapy, or other applications.
  • When it comes to collaborations / questions / requests, feel free to be creative about what you might ask the phage community! Almost 200 phage enthusiasts now subscribe to this newsletter, and they span academia, industry, medicine, and beyond.
  • Email your requests to [email protected], along with how you’d like to be contacted.
  • Our Phage Alerts email service (sign up here) will continue to be used only when phages are required for urgent human phage therapy cases.
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You can also message us through the form below. If you’d like to remain anonymous, please fill out the form below and leave the email address field empty.

Thanks so much, and can’t wait to talk to you!
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Follow Capsid & Tail, the periodical that reports the latest news from the phage therapy and research community.

We send Phage Alerts to the community when doctors require phages to treat their patient’s infections. If you need phages, please email us.

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