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Using phages successfully starts with research and depends on collaboration

We recognize that phage research is at the core of success for phage therapy and other phage applications. We’re striving to build a network of phage researchers, labs and organizations to strengthen the community and boost collaboration.

We’re expanding our network to include everyone who works with phages. If you or your lab works with phages, please consider joining the Directory!

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I work with phages or phage data, or I have experience working with phages or in the phage industry.

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We’re a lab or research group that works with phages or phage data.

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We’re a phage bank, or we have a large collection of phages and are interested in collaborating with Phage Directory

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We’re a startup, biotech, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, or other organization that works with phages.

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I’m a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lab technician, or a part of the medical profession, and I’m interested in phage research or phage therapy.

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Capsid & Tail

Follow Capsid & Tail, the periodical that reports the latest news from the phage therapy and research community.

We send Phage Alerts to the community when doctors require phages to treat their patient’s infections. If you need phages, please email us.

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