Brand & Media

Here are some handy notes about who we are, what we do, and the logos and brand material we use internally.

If you’d like to write about us or post about us somewhere, please give us a shout-out ([email protected]) so we can link to your piece in our next Capsid & Tail issue!

About Us

Phage Directory promotes and accelerates the safe and effective use of phages in medicine and industry around the world. We aim to accomplish this goal by curating phage-related content, advising on phage-related topics and coordinating collaborations within and across disciplines.

Logos & Images

Here are the logos we usually use. The provided images are fairly large and are designed to be scaled down.

Feel free to email us if you’d like anything else!

Splash logo

The splash logo is great for sharing on social media sharing, and for areas that require our logo to fully take up a rectangular space.

Splash logo