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Collect, share, and discover new phages. Try or share phage methods and protocols. Record data as you perform experiments. And when you’re ready, publish to Genbank with a few simple clicks.

What is Phage Atlas?

Phage Atlas is Phage Directory’s phage hunting and discovery tool. Think of it like a cross between Linkedin and a “Pokedex” for your lab and your phages.

If you collect and work with phages, this tool is designed just for you.

The mission of Phage Atlas is to promote rigorous documentation and standardization in order to advance the field of phage research and phage therapy.

SBRT Foundational Member Invitation! 🎉

Dear Phage Researcher,

We are currently building Phage Atlas with you in mind, as a companion to help you grow your phage collectio, acelerate your research, and grow your publications.

We are designing and building Phage Atlas for you, so we need your help. As a Foundational member of Atlas, you will be part of a core group that helps shape the future of Atlas and Phage Directory!

Being a Foundational Member means being a part of Phage Directory’s journey. It means we will send you occasional emails about what features we should focus on building first. It means getting access to the Beta launch before anyone else. And it’s totally free!

(And it means being on a first-name basis with me, Jan (hi!), the core designer and developer of Atlas, because I actually really need your input!)

Become a Foundational Member

Never lose track of your phages!

Keep track of the phages you hunt in the wild. Know where they are, and keep track of your samples, assays, and various batches.

Find phages and hosts to power your research

We bring the phage world’s phage collections under one roof, so you can order the phage (or host!) with a few simple clicks.

Share, bookmark, and discuss papers and preprints

Summarize, share, and discuss new journal articles, and save them for your own research. We might pick your summary a Capsid & Tail issue!

Try new ways of working with phages, or share your own methods!

Phages can be tricky to work with. Our library will let you peruse both published and community-published protocols and methods. And with our discussion tools, you won’t be on your own.

Once ready, publish to Genbank

If you consistently gather your phage data, once you’ve reached the minimum requirements, publish your new phage to NCBI’s Genbank with a few easy clicks!

Capsid & Tail

Follow Capsid & Tail, the periodical that reports the latest news from the phage therapy and research community.

We send Phage Alerts to the community when doctors require phages to treat their patient’s infections. If you need phages, please email us.

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