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2019 Classroom Challenge

One of our goals for the next year is to bring phage therapy and antibiotic resistance education into the classroom. We talked to a group of middle schoolers in Olds, Canada and they were absolutely thrilled!

We want to extend a call to all phage biologists, whether you work in a lab or a company, whether you’ve been around a while or are new to the phage field…

Would you consider talking to a classroom (or even a group of adults!) about phages in 2019? If you’re up for the challenge, join us and take the classroom pledge!

As representatives of our growing global phage community, we’d love it if you joined us in the journey, and we’d love to hear and share your thoughts on what goes really well (and what doesn’t)!

If you have trouble finding a school or group that will host you, or you’d rather do this from the comfort of your home, office, or lab, you can check out Skype a Scientist (sign up form), an organization connecting scientists with teachers to facilitate talks like these.

The best resources for the classroom

These are the most engaging resources we’ve found for the classroom. If you find other resources, let us know!

Classroom Challenge Pledge

To educate the communities around us about phage therapy and the dangers of antibiotic resistance:

I pledge to speak to a classroom (any grade) or group of adults about phages in 2019

To hold us all accountable, we’ll check in with everyone who pledges throughout the year.

After you’ve given your talk, please email or tweet us your stories and testimonials from students and teachers! We’d love to share them with the community. If we feel extra inspired by your story, we’ll send you one of our nifty ESKAPE shirts like the ones below:

Phage Directory ESKAPE Shirts

Your email address will only be used to remind you about your pledge and to share stories/testimonials from community members who take part in the challenge.

Read more about the challenge, our experience talking to grade 7 and 8 kids about phages, and how to set up a classroom talk here.

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